UP makes me down



For those yang belum tengok UP tapi masih nak baca this blog post, Im sorry (^,^) (sambil batting eyelashes buat muka comel).

Went on a movie date with Wawa at KLCC today. Planned a double movie day: UP and Love Aaj Kal. Dah ready dah siapkan storage air mata for the latter movie tapi tengok-tengok it was UP that made me cry.

Ingatkan dah habis dah zaman menangis tengok Disney movies. Yerlah dulu-dulu I cried because the characters was scary. Tak suka the Octopus witch in Little Mermaid, and Jaafar from Aladdin, and the evil Queen in Snow White who looks almost the same like wicked witch from Sleeping Beauty. They were all scary! Sebab tu dulu-dulu nangis tengok kartun. I seriously thought that era is over.

Apparently, not. I was expecting my tears akan keluar berjurai-jurai for Time Traveller's Wife. Hello, you met your future husband/soul mate and was loyal and in love for decades to the same man. Its beautiful and heartwarming. Its the same for this movie! The main character, Mr. Fredrickson met his wife Ellie during childhood and they grow old together trying to live their passion of adventures. But she left first. It was sad okay. I was not the only one crying. Wawa siap bawak keluar tissue. The best thing was all that was shown in 15minutes without dialogue! I hope this movie will win awards in future.

Taktaulah if it is because Im a hopeless romantic. But I cried in almost every scene that showed Mr. Fredrickson's love for his wife. His efforts, his longing, his tries, the little tokens of them. It was difficult to watch because I'll be teary eyed and my vision gets blurred. Sila bawa tisu juga jika anda nampak kental dari segi luaran tapi sebenarnya jiwa taman.

It was a great movie all in all lah. I hated it for making me cry though. dan we didn't watch the Hindustan movie pun because we need to go to Cap Sq for that movie. Kemalasan melanda secara tiba-tiba setelah dapat effect Hindustan dari UP. Go watch it! Its funny, exciting, and sad at the same time. Brilliant how they got to capture the human emotions through the character. And it penetrates to the audience. Worth your money. Seriously, go!

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  1. i mema nak sgt tengok UP la,!!
    u makes be more excited,!

  2. haha i da tgk UP, ,i giler stuju ngn ape yg u tulis. .i touching habis!!

  3. haha i da tgk UP, ,i giler stuju ngn ape yg u tulis. .i touching habis!!


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