Will be back soon!


Exam starts this Sunday. Haven't started on anything yet. Got a 3 day break before exam resumes on the 23rd. I'm spending it on my overdue Projek Meleret-leret. Dang it, mmg meleret pun. I knew the name brings bad sign. And then will finish all exam and the semester formally on 26th. Will wait for someone to finish his final presentation on the 27th. Hopefully! Been wanting to see him and his new look for the past 2 months.

Tapi tiap kali teringin dan berharap dapat jumpa, takkan dapat. Asek dengar dari orang lain je. Aih! And then will go back to Kuantan on the 30th. For a whole month! Habislaa extra gemok bila balik sini semula.

Hmm, finally got a note to seek treatment from a gynaecologist. Must find time before balik Kuantan. Kalau tak, 11 May ni genap setahun tak period. Champion!

Oh! Best part was;

Me: I haven't had my period for the past 11 months. Can you write a note for me to see a gynae?
Doctor: 11months? Dont worry, it will come.
Me: So I dont have to see a gynae?
Doc: Ok, if you want I can write a note for you.
Me: Right, thanks.

The doctor is not worried, Im not worried. So why are the rest of you so paranoid about my ovulation?

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