Boy. friend.


I told Lya i want someone (preferably male) who is always there for me.
Someone I can rely on. I want the relationship to be light and easy but
attached too. I dont want it to be label as a relationship. Faham-faham sendiri sudahlah. She suggests, a gay friend.

I hate relationship labels.
Scandal sounds like it is illegitimate. An affair.
On-the-way is self explanatory. It means the relationship is moving somewhere.
Boyfriend comes with complications.
Best friend is going to stay in the friend zone.

I dont want it to be labelled. I want it to be everything and nothing. I just want to be comfortable.

The last time I had it was with Afiq. Damn! That was the best of times. Our phone conversation is daily and continuous from the time we got back from school to the time we sleep. Kita berborak apa? Banyak betul bercakap.

After I left school, we kinda gone astrayed. Then there was Rauf. With him, its not the same. I tried replacing Afiq with Rauf but the lack of chemistry and effort results to nothing.

I want to have it again. Cumanya kali ni, if its heading be it!

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  1. i call my previous relationships, RELATIONSHITS. coz that's what they were, just steamy, stinky shit. after they lost the steam, it just stinks. get it?


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