Bye bye J-Kay, hello new glads!


I am not going to F1 to watch J-Kay. Or Atilia. Or Maliq & D'Essential. Because I have to babysit my brother. Therefore to console my heart I treat myself to a pair of gladiator. Teehee =)
Mengada kan? Dulu mana camni.. nak kasut bermacam jenis. Im happy with a pair of selipar Jepun or its snazzy name, flip flops.

Millie, Nana, Wanie, I blame you people. Sumpah lepas I kawan dengan korang baru I start menggedik nak berfesyen-fesyen. I was corrupted by you girls. But I love you all anyways! <3
Kenapa eh perempuan ada various names for shoes? I am 20 and Im not familiar with most of it. Yes, I am not an avid shoe collector but I am a disgrace for people like Rysa who loves shoes.

I only know heels, sneakers, flats, wedges, flops, sandals, platforms and boots. Just when I start to get acquainted to things like stilettos they developed new items like kitten heels, booties, wingtip shoes, apakah?? I know right!

Oh but darlings, I dont blame you for the skirts and dresses. Thats my alter ego taking over my body. Loves. <3

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  1. gladssss!

    which reminds me i need a new pair of sneakers...a pair maryjanes...and a pair of slip-ons.

    yes. i so NEED it.

    riteee :P

  2. ema, kita sentiasa in need of new things. always okay! especially because we want it. hhehehe


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