Berdesing sehingga temporary pekak sebelah


F1 x berapa nak best sebab hujan dan the race came to a halt after 32 laps.

Afterwards, jamiroquai terbaek! They were awesome! Bertahan perform ongoing for 2 hours. And Jay boogied nonstop. Which makes it hard for me to capture his photos. The opening acts was great too. Super cute atilia, maliq & d'essential and naturally 7. The bomb of goz j-kay.

Duduk seblah speaker, depan stage, bawah hujan, dalam lecak. Fuh! Bergegar beb! Sayang he didn't sang Virtual Insanity. Yang lain such as Love Foolsophy, Canned Heat, Space Cowboy, Cosmic Girl were superb rendition.

The experience of speed and sound of f1 cars was okay i guess. Laju sangat. X sempat snap gambar pun. The hefty price of ticket and food, not good!

Puas! Kene tukar title ni 'release stress seblom exam #4'

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