In memory of Yanire


I didnt think this news made it to Malaysia. but it was shocking.
I came across it from a blog. this report is from Reuters. Read on.

LONDON (Reuters) - The two-year-old daughter of a senior insurance executive died in hospital on Tuesday, police said, two days after she suffered massive head injuries while at home with her parents in central London.
Yanire Izaga, whose father Alberto Izaga was arrested after police were called to the Thames-side apartment on Sunday morning, was pronounced dead by doctors at St Thomas's Hospital, where she had been on life support.
A police statement said a post mortem would be carried out to determine the cause of death and an inquest opened. It also said a team of child abuse officers would investigate.
Alberto Izaga, a member of Swiss Re's executive board, was sectioned under the Mental Health Act on Monday and has been admitted to a London hospital for examination.
The Daily Mirror reported that police found his daughter lying unconscious in her nightdress and bleeding from her nose, ears and mouth.
They were called to the apartment after neighbours heard a child screaming, a woman crying and a man shouting amid loud thudding noises, the paper said.
Izaga, 36, was considered a high-flyer at Swiss Re and worked in the company's landmark "Gherkin" tower in the City.
The Spanish citizen is married with one daughter, and was elected to the board of the Association of British Insurers last year. His wife, also a businesswoman, had kept a vigil at her daughter's bedside since Sunday morning.
Swiss Re said on Monday it was "deeply saddened" by the family tragedy, but would not comment further.
Colleagues of Alberto Izaga's have described him as a relaxed, family man who enjoyed sports outside of work.

Read more here and here. And the full coverage here.

*Supposedly the father flip out because Yanire 'caught' him and her mother in one of their 'sessions'. And now he is claiming he was hearing voices before the incident. I think, it was a mistake. Just a simple mistake turned ugly. Yanire, rest in peace.

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  1. I think Alberto is just a mean person and spoiled rotten.

  2. Poor little girl. All she wanted were her parents and they could not even give her the attention she wanted.

    Sometimes things like this happen for a reason. I believe in 'what goes around, comes around'.
    If someone had in the past done something deliberately mean to someone else, the person usually pays for it in some way in the future. That is just my take from observations in life.
    Unfortunately, in this situation, the toddler had to be the victim in this "lesson".


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