Never bother a reading Kea!


I don't get it!
WHY OH WHY does non-readers not understand not to bloody bother me when I'm reading?
I'm in my reading mode, thus I'm in another world.
Seriously, and then you asked why I'm such an emo person?
Well, I'M READING!!!

P/s: Did I mention I love Wikipedia? Its like the Holy Grail of informations. The knowledge warehouse. I cant begin to explain what i got to know through Wikipedia. Its so detail and specific and long!
Oh i love you, Wikipedia.

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  1. maybe u sd wear a sign on ur head: READING! BUG @ UR OWN RISK, IF THERE'S FIRE CALL 994, IF THERE'S AN EMERGENCY CALL 999 IF U NEED ME COME BACK LATER.....

  2. That is the same problem I get sometimes when I am travelling. I just can't get down to reading although the person next to me (say on the plane) sees that I am fiddling with my magazine or book.

    Most of the time, I will just say, "would you mind if I read this book for a bit?" :)


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