Deathly Hallows: Death of Potter


Don't worry no spoilers.

This will be a short brief post. (unless my fingers take control of my head)

As I'm writing this post, i am still splotchy with tears. Not because death of the characters( okay maybe that triggers it) but because this book marks the end of Harry Potter. A legacy.

As Rowling said it, a lighting can never strike the same place twice...i should think so too.
One can write so many good stuff, but only one of it will have the success of a lifetime.

Take Shakespeare for example. he wrote many, but he was famous for Romeo and Juliet the most.

To dear Miss Joanne Kathleen Rowling,
If i ever see you in my lifetime, please bear with me. As i will shamelessly hug you and burst into tears at the same time. That will be my way of expressing my gratitude. Thank you for colouring my childhood and adolescent years with your books, and great words. You made a girl confessed her desperation to read your books more than wanting a boyfriend.

Thousands of thank you, keanorlinsya.

p/s: I excitedly finished this book in a day, and now regrets it. I should have savour my last moments with Harry, Hermione, Ron, Hagrid, The Weasleys, Ginny, Neville, Luna, Dumbledore's Army, the whole Hogwarts community including the ghosts, and the rest of wizarding world.
Oh dear is my childhood over?

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  1. Dearest Kea,

    For me, the Harry Potter series marked a new achievement in english literature.

    The prose, plot and twist are unique and outstandingly different from the rest.

    Rowling is Shakespeare of this age.

    Take care Kea. Keep on writing

  2. Flower Power.....
    Guess now, I'd have to start looking for new sequel to burry myself in... sigh.. sigh...


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