Mid life crisis?


Have you ever feel the tingling sensation? Or butterfly in your stomach? Hot flushes? The symptoms of nervousness. I have. Especially when I'm nervous about things I don’t want to happen. Or when I would like those things to happen but are surrounded by guilt and conscience. Kinda like this, I know its wrong but I still want to do it. Get it? These usually happen, when i’m in my own dilemma. But somehow, I’m also having this feeling in my friend’s case.

Kesian dia. She’s this sweet sweet girl. Nice too. Use to have a boyfriend, but it’s been a while since she’s been with somebody. She’s not choosy, men are. Men just don’t take a second look at girls who is not hot. Simply said. They say they want nice girls but they never look at girls who are not hot, which are the nice ones. Instead they go for the ones with nice features and blame them for their bitchy attitude/the eyes wandering at their girl. Hey guys! Face the facts, it’s a package. You want hot, u get everything that comes with it. Live with it.

Anyway so this friend of mine, D; finally met someone. The thing is, he’s almost 15 years older than she is and married. God! Sometimes I wonder if he really is into her or it is just a fling. Mid life crisis? Maybe.

What scares me the most is how D is going to stop herself from liking him. She ended it, quite a few times but they seem to patch things and start all over again. For a girl who doesn’t have a boyfriend, having attention like that memanglah best! Come on, even if you are already with somebody you will fall for this kind of guy. Heck! Even I fall for him just by listening to her stories.

He texts and calls her everyday. Willing and wants to make time for her. Sends sweet messages. Say things he’s not suppose to. He takes her out. They chat on messenger. They’re practically dating! Sigh. He is really acting like her boyfriend. And sometimes she cant help acting like her girlfriend, sorry to say but they do have lover’s quarrel. I’m scared for her. I’m scared that she’s too young for him. I’m scared if things really are getting serious. I’m scared if people look at her as the other woman. Please, she’s too young. I know she’s scared too.

I know i’m not supposed to encourage her to be with him. Believe me I tried. But in the end it’s still up to both of them. If he wasn’t old and married, I would have said go ahead. Seeing how he cares for her even if I have never met him. But the fact is she considers him as her brother. And him, I wish I know what is on his mind. Why do men go for younger girls? What say you?

Author's note: This post was written in May, but for some reason I decided not to post it then.

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  1. 1st... bout the butterfly? Yes, I'm feeling it now.... gosh I'm getting married in less than 1 month... God am I ready for this? X worried bout the event of changes of life but the responsibility of being a husband & the family head. Well enuf bout me... Let's talk bout the real issue.
    2nd. In luv with older married man. It's normal actualy that most old & married men are wiser & experienced in treating a girl/woman. Younger males are more inclined to satisfy their hormone & 'it's all about me' cases. Hence the security & feeling of being appreciated whenever u r around the older & married man. Yet, only a woman would realy understand how it feels to be a woman. So, picture yourself being in the wife's shoes. Won't you be sad, angry, outrage and so on? Are you willing to share the man whom you have cared for, nutured and braved through hard time when you were younger? Imagine, you withstand all the storm in him before he's matured and now he's wiser are you willing to see him pouring all those love & tenderness to another woman? Anyway, only she (D) has the answer to this question.
    in situation like this there's only 2 choices to chose from. 1 to distance yourself from the person or 2 to be realy close (married). Never stay in the middle for it would only ruin you and waste your youth...
    Sorry membebel panjang sgt... Guess my hand took over my brain, hence the long & winding comment. All the best in life, cheerio


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