13++ favourite


Its been really long since my last 13++ list kan? im missing it too (if any of you miss it) so here goes!

  1. Favourite neighbourhood: Desa Moccis, Sg. Buloh. My own neighbourhood.
  2. Favourite (not my) neighbourhood: Taman Keramat Permai
  3. Favourite uncooked food in fridge: Egg or cheese! Depends which one is in the fridge. Easy to cook, delicious to consume.
  4. Favourite uncooked food: Fruits peel by others!
  5. Favourite cooked food: Abah's nasi goreng hijau.
  6. Favourite tea time snack: Tok Lat's 'pengkeng' aka pancake.
  7. Favourite vacation with friends: Genting with Liea! Aha! (the only vacation with a friend)
  8. Favourite vacation with family: Penang with Mummy Lin's family! Shopping sakan.
  9. Favourite cookie: Butter toffee soft cookies from Mrs. Fields. Sluurrpp!!!
  10. Favourite cinema snack: Butter toffee soft cookies from Mrs. Fields!!!!
  11. Favourite cinema buddy: Achik K'ry!
  12. Favourite entertainment buddy: Abah!
  13. Favourite male personality: Afiq Durrani
  14. Favourite female personality: Elina Rashid
  15. Favourite husky voice: Hinder's vocal, Austin Winkler
  16. Favourite female voice: Natasha Bedingfield
  17. Favourite male voice: Faizal Tahir?
  18. Favourite boogie song: Toploader's Dancing In The Moonlight
  19. Favourite duet: Fire by Babyface and Des'ree
  20. Favourite re-recorded song: You Belong To Me, Jason Wade of Lighthouse
  21. Favourite i-cant-make-up-the-lyrics song: Chocolate by Snow Patrol
  22. Favourite Malaysian TV Show: Each Other (product of Popiah Pictures)
  23. Favourite Malaysian song even Malaysians dont know: Pada Senyummu - Pot Amir
  24. Favourite TV show i dont get bored of: The Nanny
  25. Favourite movie i dont get bored of: Drumline! Masyuuukk!!!
  26. Favourite movie of all time: A Walk In The Clouds [Keanu Reeves, Aaaaaa!!]
  27. Favourite male with any kind of facial hair and hairstyle: Brad Pitt
  28. Favourite character actor: Johnny Depp!
  29. Favourite character actress: Zizie Ezzete
  30. Favourite body: Jessica Alba
  31. Favourite child actor: Dakota Fanning! Brilliant!!!
  32. Favourite phone conversation: With Afiq.
  33. Favourite gathering: At Dina's!!
  34. Favourite look on male: Hoodie. A guy wearing hoodie, nuff said!
  35. Favourite body powder: Carrie Junior Groovy Grape
  36. Favourite place to dine alone: Kafe Pak Adam
  37. Favourite place to dine beramai-ramai: Restoran Tikus2/ Julang Api
  38. Favourite place to hang out: Attic in Semenyih. [DVDs and PS2? Duh!]
  39. Favourite digicam: Canon compact SLR G70!
  40. Favourite childhood memory: Make believe games with Ya and Syaniz in Semenyih. i miss those days...

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  1. I see we have something in common - The Nanny, my favourite TV show I don't get bored of.
    Love Drumline too. So syiok see them play those drums.

    Ah... Jessica Alba's body.. oh yeah!
    I used to love to see Jennifer Garner's physique in Alias.

  2. aper nih... takde pun my name dlm fav list... isk isk sedih nih


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