The Call


This incident happened a month ago. Didnt have that much of a reason to blog bout it then, until today.

To re-tell the story.
Last month, a customer left a wallet on one of our (PDI) off bin. Upon seeing the wallet, I told the old chinese woman (around 40-ish) to take it before someone else took it because its near the entrance. She was looking at the display clothes and her back was facing the wallet (where she was just browsing through). She quickly took it, wait. Dengan menggelabah, she took the wallet and ran towards the exit. Mind you, our store is directly next to the exit. I was like "apahal laju sgt? takut sgt kene curik, padahal tengah tengok baju."

15minutes later...

Girl called E: Miss, u ada nampak wallet saya tak?
Me: Ha? Warna brown, panjang?
E: Haah, ade nampak tak saya letak mane?
Me: Alamak. Saya dah bg customer cina. Saya ingat dia punya. Sorry sangat2!!! Saya taktau, ingatkan dia punya.
(Which was undoubtably a stupid answer and even more asinine move I made)
E: Haaaaa?? Kenapa bagi kat dia? You ade nampak i pegang tadi kan?
Me: Sory.......tak perasan. Sorryy!!!
(She and her friend continued looking for it, and then went to the management office to lodge a report but NOT a police report.)

Turns out she put her (apparently new) scooter's key in her wallet.
Since she's stranded there, I wanted to take responsibility. So my dad and I, we sent her back to her uni. Not very far from where I work. My dad told her countless times to lodge police report but she refused as she was afraid her dad might found out. Another problem was that she's afraid to ask from her dad the spare key for the scooter. Entah apa ditakutkan sangat, i dont know. During the journey, my dad told me to reimburse her. The fine for lost IC and whatever money in her wallet, also to duplicate her key. Im fine with that since its partly my fault.

The next day, she asked her friend to come to PDI and asked me to meet her outside. She asked me to pay for her IC (RM50) and RM25 from her wallet. I gave her RM80. Extra Rm5 for the key. And i thought we're settle. I can still remember her words.
"Kak sebenarnye saya segan nak cakap, tapi tadi saya dah buat IC kene denda RM50. Lepastu, dalam wallet saya ada RM25, boleh tak kak? Boleh ye? Saya 'student'."
Oh dear god, typing those words make me feel like slapping her face. Kau nak buat kesian, aku kasi terus RM80. Enough to keep her quiet.
"Akak ni baik sangat la, Tuhan je boleh balas" Yea..yea..pared-schmared! So, settled.
I thought wrong.

Today she called,
E; "Assalamualaikum kak, ni E yg wallet tu. Kak, saya dah tukar kunci dah. Ermm bole tak kak.."
Me: "Eh, kan haritu saya dah bagi RM80, duit untuk kunci sekali."
E: "Oh tak2, haritu RM50 untuk IC, RM30 untuk duit dalam wallet"
Me: "Haritu kata dalam wallet RM25, so I bagi RM5 untuk kunci."
E: "Oh kak, saya tukar kunci mahal kak, kena RM50 sebab ni dengan tempat scooter skali"
Me: "Habis tu takkan nak suruh I bayar, saya dah bayar RM80. Kan kita dua-dua mengaku salah, I already paid my half."
E: "Habis tu akak nak salahkan saya lah ni? Bende ni takkan jadi kalau akak tak kasi wallet saya kat orang tu"
(Hearing that, I already started to boil, belum burst out saja)
Me: "Hey!! Skarang ni saya tengah mengaku salah, dan saya dah bayar. Takkan yang ni pun saya nak bayar?"
E: "Habistu akak taknak tanggung lah?"
Me: "Tak"

Then the line wasnt really clear...i tried talking to her, but i dont think she heard me, although i think i heard her mumble something. Last i hear was a Hiiiisssh!!! from her and she hung up.

I was outraged, choked up with tears when I called my dad directly after that. While talking to him I cant help letting my tears fall. I cant help it, when I have build up anger and I cant let it go I cry. Its soooo hard to contain myself.
My colleague, Rose asked: Why the hell are you crying?
Me: I cant help it, nak marah tapi xleh lepas. Takkan nak let go kat u dgn Ah Hoo? Tak pasal2 je.

Oh My God! I cant begin to start!
She have the guts to call me and ask for more money. Naik lemak, orang dah buat baik tu pijak kepala. Hello! At least I owned up and willing to pay for you. Kalau tak, kau tanggung lah semua tu sendiri. Yang bengap sangat takut nak mintak kunci kat bapak tu buat ape? Takdelah kau susah sangat spend money pergi tuka everything. And I tak faham kenapa she refused to lodge a police report. Its a must. Kau ada juvie record ke? Hmm..come to think of it, she must. I think shes an extortianist. Nasib baik aku halalkan duit. Kalau tak sampai mati pakai IC duit haram.
If i am her (mati hidup balik pon taknak) , I malu nak mintak duit. Especially since the first time was given wilingly. Malu gila! The cheek of her to say those words to me. Geram!

Dear E (which stands for extortianist by the way),
If you were to find some goodness in your heart, OWN UP. Ur a grown woman, tak payahlah nak sorok from ur dad. Bukan nye boleh mati kalau bagitau. And stop taking advantage, your making youself look like the victim but you and I both know that it all started with you. Sendiri tak menjaga harta. Sedarlah sikit..kalau I tak membantu, bulan ni kat hostel tu entah ape la kau makan. I myself work to get money, and I certainly dont intend to spend it on a careless person like yourself. Learn to live better and not make other people lives miserable. You nak susahkan diri sendiri go ahead, might as well go to hell!

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  1. wow..bodo gler dat "E"

    mmg da bengap sgt kowt..wish u wud juz say u didnt know anytin bout it..

    cuzz(u mesti mara if i ckp ni)

    time i keje parkson dulu me n my frnd found rm1000+ n shred it without no hesitation to spend it.. one asked bout it so we were juz happy..

    got sum new pair of pants(well,now its old)lol

    feeel sry 4 u though

  2. The next time she ask for more money, tell her to see me... Ni lah dia, pantang org buat baik sikit. By the way I'm sure die buat gak polis report, Lost my IC a few time & u cannot buat IC baru without a police report... That's a fact.


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