What can u do, alone, with ur pants off and enjoy it while making funny noise?


3 guesses.

Anyhow, last week i talked to my dad about going to Laundry Bar to watch live gigs. After a through and through father-daughter talk. We have reached an agreement. i am allowed to go, with friends that he trust and MUST take care of myself. He's okay bout me going to the clubs but what worries him is the vultures. The guys who spike girls drinks and such for their benefits. And the aftermath. Go figure.

I hope he realised now that my curfew needs to be later than 11 pm.

*Just for the record, my dad knows i dont do booze and smoking serta kebanyakan perkara2 haram lain. So thats settle.

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  3. It's quite true, there's a good reason for your dad to worry.... Things r not as it used to be. Do be careful with who u trust, understand that betrayal only happens with people close 2 u. Careful with who u trust.... Anyway, do have fun @ d gig. Be cautious as long as u x spoil d mood.. cheerio

  4. Your dad has many reasons to worry. Too many "vultures" out there. You may not booze (or smoke) but others around you may and will. So, when they have too much (booze), they will be under the influence of alcohol - that usually impedes the mind. Stuff happens at clubs. Your dad is trying to protect you as much as he can.

    By the way, I think 11pm curfew is pretty reasonable for your age, no? :)

    Don't worry, there will be a day when you can stay out as late as you want - using your own judgment.


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