Eversince internship ended (last Friday) I've been super malas to stare at the computer screen. Been doing that to much while working. The final week of internship have been an interesting week. I came back to work that Monday after 4days of holiday and fun time in Kuantan. Only to get my MC on Tuesday because of real bad flu. And extended my MC on Wednesday as well because surprise surprise, I got an asthma attack. I never even had asthma!

Finally came back to work on Thursday with bad coughs, runny nose and no voice. Haven't been talking the past 2 days due to the short of breaths. And it tires me. So my voice is partly gone. Sounded like a pondan. And the whole department kept asking me to go back. Well I can't, its my second last day!

I stayed on, and they treated me for lunch at Delicious. Shared 3 desserts omaigod sedap and reminisce of eating with my raceless friends. Leaving Bates on Friday was a happy occasion. Im not attached. So I was okay.

Speaking of my raceless friends whom I've not been seeing for so long. I MISS ALL OF YOU!

And this surprised me on Facebook today:

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