13++ things I see through twitter


  1. People are just plain honest on twitter eventhough there are a lot of people you don't necessarily know who are following you.
  2. Being unfollowed doesn't make me feel slapped unlike being unfriended on Facebook.
  3. Twitter is the funnest place when you follow the right people.
  4. RTs are not meant to be used for YM/ mIRC/ Gtalk/ FBChat/ Skype conversations. Use it correctly my dear. 
  5. You feel less paiseh to jump in a conversation on twitter rather than FB.
  6. Perempuan muka cantik rupanya ramai kuat mencarut, carut lah lagi. Hilang cantik kau tu.
  7. Twitter is really, a big big mirror! Sini sana nampak bayang sendiri.
  8. Some people are trying hard to write/speak in better English. That, I salute.
  9. While some, pretend they have good English. And those are the sad kind.
  10. Sekali idea flow, berturut lah keluar sama,
  11. People don't hide themselves. Because its just words.
  12. But words shows you more than your appearance.
  13. Watch what you write. Its random thoughts, people can be judgemental.

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