Tak tahu lah kot kot sebab Miss Ad merayap ke sana, jadi I pun mimpi ke Istanbul. Konon-konon macam pernah pergi sna je nak mimpi travel ke Istanbul. But I had the nicest dream!

It started off at a work related party, and then entah macamane sampai ke dessert like/cold, rocky mountain area with a group of friends and Juna. Macam biasalah, context Juna di sini adalah dream guy. Hahahah literally dream guy. It was nice. I had a big haversack, dressed warmly and his fingers entwined with mine. I'm pretty sure he's my spouse because I felt right, no guilt when we touch.

And then I was in a train, beli Ricola flavour peach. Dalam train ada macam kiosk okay! And time tu I was with Ya. Masa sibuk cari loose change in my gajah coin purse, we arrived at our station. Since I'm still fiddling for money, I asked Ya to put my haversack at the door to block it from closing. Funny lah!

But it was a really nice dream that left me with warm fuzzy feeling. There was Juna, Ya, and a gang of friends who travelled with me. Which means they are the people that I'm comfortable to be with. Oh travel...BESTNYA!

Pastu bangun pagi tadi tengok-tengok I got 3 dots on my right hand and 1 on my left knuckle. Kena gigit semut. Fail!

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