I tengah berlagak gila sekarang. For real! I dont care to try to have any contact with friends pun. Berlagak sebab I'm with my family. Berlagak sebab in comfort zone. Berlagak sebab surrounded by familiar faces. Berlagak macam tak perlu kawan-kawan. Berlagak sebab the friends I miss most are here in Malaysia, in KL. Berlagak sebab every weekend is family time. Berlagak habis sampai tak make effort sebab I want people to make effort. Jadi I only go out with people who wants to see me.

 I got to see Milly twice. Not enough, but oh well. Bulan puasa pulak nanti.

 Weekly makan sessions with Emon. More than enough. Fattening because food for the soul is actual food!

 Paden the world traveller. Boo him! But he's back, yay!

And also the recently turned 22 Nana! 
Sleepover, movie, hair remedy, intimate weekend sans birthday celebration. More plans on hold!

In the next weekends I shall look forward to spending time in Sweet Semenyih, going back to Kuantan and Kajang and be amongst the people who love to eat and eat because there's so much love. And pending outings with Lya, Shery & Jaja, Dieyla & Cip, and moreeeeeeeeee night outs with Ya and Syaniz. Untunglah rumah satu deret.

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