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My last post was about Terengganu ey? Banyak sangat dah jadi since then. I went back to Kuantan for makan besar tiap-tiap malam. Kalah Cina celebrate CNY kan? Met up with Jaja who was in Kuantan for CNY holidays too. Took her and her family to TC. Must see place kan? Haruslah. 

Lagi apa about Kuantan? Same ol' same ol' lah. Family berkumpul untuk makan. Nom nom nom. 

And also for Abang E's wedding discussion. As Juna/Alba is back, we were given the task to record the minute. Jot down details and all.

And here is the beach trip in Penang last Sunday!

We actually planned to teman Intan the butterfly to The Butterfly Park for her to do some research. She will be playing a butterfly for a play so she needs to know stuff for butterfly. Gila redundant sentence aku. Macam budak sekolah rendah buat essay.

But sadly, Intan got a really high temperature on the day. So we asked her to take a rest. For the 4 of us, it was nom nom trip and Monopoly madness the whole day. We stopped at 4 places for food and drinks, and played Monopoly at 2 of them.

First we had banana leaf rice for lunch at Little India. Full MAX but we really really enjoyed the meal.Then, we went to Abu Siti Lane to get coconut jelly tapi dah habis so we bought 5 biji kelapa and filled that blue tumbler next to Tangsue. Sadly didnt get to eat the isi because red ants got to it first before us.

We went to Annalakshmi next, for drinks and Monopoly. They have the most AWESOME and FTW Mango Lassi! And we loved the environment. Its so clean, breezy and relaxing. The place is actually a cultural centre. And at the back they have a sort-off restaurant that serve vegetarian food. The best thing is they have the You-Pay-Whatever-You-Want-to-Pay-by-Donation concept. Best kaaan? We all had 2 rounds of Mango Lassi kot. Ordered the second glass even before we finish our first. Tamak kan.

Finally, ze beaaccchhh! Turun kereta, bentang tikar, Zoe terus tidur, Yonkey terus terjun masuk, Tangsue and I tried to adapt. Tangsue worst than me. Hehe. But we managed to make Tangsue get acquainted to the sea. She was not a fan (still not a fan) because she apparently have fears of the unknown and the things she can't see. In this case, dasar laut.

All in all, it was a greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttttt day! If only Intan, April and Munchee can join us. Tak cukup corum. I wanna do it again prease! Love you secret beach! Love you pretty people. Kisses!

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