Kalau dah hari-hari Kulkith


Inilah Kulkith Shoes that I've been salivating for!

And that is just SOME of it. Kulkith also offers bags, boots, flat shoes and sweaters. All batik or songket printed. Combining traditional art and modern pattern. Kudos to Agnes Tandia for providing us with this product. You're young and you can be rich. Seriously! Nak bukak franchise kat Malaysia tak? Call me!

Taknak ke macam tu? Memang dah hari-hari dok tengok benda tu je. Kenapalah Bandung jauh sangat. Kalau tak dah redah kedai kecil Kulkith ni membeli-belah. Aih! Suci semoga you can get them shoes for me. And Mye, semoga you can bring it home for me. My feet are wanting them around it. Hubba hubba!

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