Another friend leaving


Firstly, Im sorry dear friends for uploading our busuk pictures from school years. Those are the only ones I have. Sorry for the bad quality of pictures. Yer lah, zaman tu kan camera VGA 0.3 pixel je.

Katie was my classmate in Omega for the last 2 years of school. We were close during school. Actually Im quite close to most of my classmates except maybe 2 or 3 girls. And Omega, we were like sisters. All 32 of us. Almost all.

Katie is very soft spoken but feisty at the same time. She's nice and cooks a hell of a nasi goreng. Which we will pass around class eating and fighting for the spoon like nobody's business. Usually the tupperware will be shiny and spotless before the first bell rings. Rakus!

She'll be leaving for Aussie in a few weeks time. I hope a few of us can make it for her kenduri. A little get together before she goes off. Someare offering themselves for a sleepover at her house the night before kenduri. Including myself! Hopefully we manage to make time for each other. Not just for Katie but also for us who can't seem to fit a gathering in our schedule. We NEED to catch up on each other! Mana tau ada yang dah kahwin ke kan? Sigh.

We'll miss you Katie! And your nasi goreng!!! Take care over there. I know some of the Omegoddesses are already there. Make sure you guys have a meet up once in a while. Maybe you guys will have it more than us here. Take care. Remember us each time you cook your oh-so-sedap nasi goreng!

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