There and back again


Hello Kuantan! How long have I not been back? You people in Kuantan are looking great! Except for the stupid idiotic drivers and bikers. Seriously? Be patient on the road. After all, we are in the leisure town of Kuantan.

Dont know if its because I've not been in malls in yonks or because I've never actually browse through in East Coast Mall, I think I love it! The mall is simple and yet it offers so much! Padini Concept Store, Clarks, Crocs, Nose, Everlast, Tropicana Life, Roxy, Converse. They have enough. Seronok nak shop! Food stores pun best. Noodle Station, a vegan restaurant which Im tempted to try, and a few fast food joints. Macam Chilis, TGIF, Bubba Gump tu belum lagi lah. I think it would be soon though. Kuantan is rapidly improving.

Got my replacement sandals at EC Mall. Malangnya did not have cash with me. Or else I would have gotten more shoes and corporate attire there too =)
Takpe. The week after Chinese New Year I'll be back again. Adik got a medical check up on 25th of Feb. And Aiman is hosting a gig at TC on 27th. Therefore, I'll be back for those reasons AND SHOPPING!!!

Nain Bundle, Bundle belakang TC.... stock up!!!

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