I love being lied to about love


Why do I love Malay novels so much? Because it all is about affairs in marriage. Despite using Abang to refer to the husband and corny storyline for some, its my guilty pleasure.

In English novels, its all about sex. Pre-marital sex, revenge sex, post break up sex, make up sex, sex with the boss, sex with the enemy, deceitful sex, and the most anticlimax type - husband and wife's sex.

Catered with all those different ones, the right type appears the most boring. And it doesn't seem pure. But its suppose to be! They've twist it all wrong.

That's why I don't have any favourite Hollywood movie. Except maybe A Walk In The Clouds starring Keanu Reeves. It doesn't showcase the lust of the main character. Instead, the main theme is love and respect to the family. Even so, the story wouldn't work in our culture. Too much relationship ethic issues.

Audrey Niffernegger's The Time Traveller's Wife is the only book I wouldn't mind reading again and again, repeat it soon after I finish it, and backwards first (never tried it before but I think it might work seeing the story doesn't exactly work according to chronological order). Meeting a man for the first time as a child, not knowing she's destined to be with him but loving him all the same - that is pure! Clare kept herself only for Henry while patiently wait to be joined with him in 'present'. And she never stopped loving him after he's gone.

Can't say the same for Henry at first because well he is after all, a MAN. In his defense, he only met her when he was 36, she was 6. So his past never include Clare eventhough they first started dating when Henry was 28 and Clare was 20. Confusing yet? Watch the movie. Better yet, read the book.

Oh! oh! Another favourite love affairs - ALL HINDUSTAN MOVIES! Storyline and scripts, captivating. Actors, alluring. Ending, perfect! Not to forget a tint of wonderful songs and scenes. Love it! The best part of all, they value their god and religion. Respect their family and customs. And they put marriage (in reference to sex) at the purest place. Just like we Malays should do!

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