Bye bye babies!


Yesterday a few of us went to KLIA to send Mamalang, Bahalang, Ateh G, Mak Zah, Makcik, Auntie Mi and Abg Uu to umrah. I am not one who fulfill 5 times a day prayers but the other night when my male cousins told me of their experience, I want to go too. They said it was great. Almost as if its a purification process. When you are there, you forget about the rest of the world. Its just you and your maker.

The nights before their departure, I had night out (3 nights in a row) with cousins at Kuantan and KL Lepak at Kopitiam and hear 1 of them pour his heart out. Jiwa kacau, that has been the theme the past 2 or 3 weeks. We usually just listen to him and help out by giving advice. Yes! Im the love guru again. For an older cousin at that!

One of the outing at Kemaman Kopitiam, Kuantan

Only yesterday I realised, that I'm having Jiwa Kacau too. I can't feel anymore. Too much things have happened. Now I don't know guilt, want and desire. I just couldn't care less. Jiwa kacau...

Maybe I just don't know what I want in life right now. Except to escape. And shoes! Kak Lisha said I have otak kasut right now. Because she said Colonel Sanders (of KFC) and I heard Kedai Sandal. Piss off, Im emo. Because my greyscale Kulkith that I have been waiting for 3months, DIDN'T FIT! So now Im selling it. Didn't have to go far. Ema wants to have it baaaaad! Untung lah you. Im not sure if I want to buy another pair because my feet is not suitable for that kind of shoes.

Bye bye Kulkith baby..sob..sob..

My feet are wide. Too hard to find comfortable shoes. Open toe ones are the safest choice. Maybe I should get these Buddhist monks shoes. Snapped the picture while was on the monorail last week. It looks cute and comfortable. Hehehe.. Back at Kuantan I managed to get 1 of 2 pairs that I wanted. Now in KL, my search for that green and purple ipanema continues!

Katie left for Goldcoast, Queensland on Monday. Along with her family. Bye bye katie! Thank you for having us at your place. And your almost inedible really pedas nasi goreng! I like her house. Its big and open. Like a cube with an open patio in the middle. This year I've been to 3 new houses of friends and loving each one. And I love each of my Omegoddesses too! Cant seem to get together with most of them at once. Too hard! But we definitely can reconnect when we meet. Aih rindu rindu!

Today, Im going rollerblading with siblings, nieces and nephews. That will be 3 nieces, 3 nephews, 3 brothers and 3 sisters. Maybe 3 friends might join too. Why all come in 3? Nurin's friends might join too. Hwaaaa bikin havoc! With only 3 or 4 of us to look after them. We'll see how it goes. Gosh!

By the way please note that the mythology that I'm incapable of getting sunburn have been destroyed. Thanks to 7 hours of fun at Gambang Water Park, my arms are scalding red and my BCG scar felt like its tearing apart. I'm not burnt as in turning black, but I am definitely burned red and darker. For a small water park that charges only RM20 it was whole lot of fun! Slides were AWESOME albeit the tiring stairs we had to climb. And the wave pool was a match for Sunway Lagoon's. Food was decently priced and tasted good too. Worth coming back to. Nasib baik dekat dengan rumah je.

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