Ada sebab kenapa dah jarang blog


  1. Sebab saya malas.
  2. Sebab saya malas.
  3. Sebab selalu procrastinate. Banyak saved as draft, jarang ada yang posted. Antaranya Seachange YES 2009.
  4. I no longer have muse or interested in anything. No new news. All been told.
  5. Tiada drama yang sesuai ditulis. Im not gonna diss about family or friends. What kind of a friend or a family member will i be then?
  6. Nothing to look forward to, nothing to expect. Except shah rukh playing rizwan khan for my name is khan.
  7. Sebab saya malas.
  8. Life have been bland. No TV at home. No TV and internet at Mally G. No money for outings.
  9. My heart & thoughts are not here anymore. I want to do something else. Something more.
  10. When time is spent wasted, we'll just let it past. Not knowing its wasting. That's how it is daily.
  11. Sebab the other people in my blog list are not updating their blog. So I pun jarang nak bukak blog, menjadikan I bertambah malas nak menulis.
  12. I don't seem to have comments on my posts kan?
  13. Im not exactly sure if I have readers. Although there seems to be frequent visits from Puchong lately. Hmmm...fishy.
  14. Bila lah final sem ni nak habis? It made my mood...sorrow? Don't know how to put it but first week of holiday of last semester. I got slightly depressed thinking about the final sem. I dread coming back. Don't know why.
  15. Rasa terbeban. By a lot of petty things.
  16. Macam dah tak ceria. Socially.
  17. There's no more serendipity.

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