Faith & The Machine


My company for the SIN-JB journey. I already know Fadz Johanabas is a good writer but reading some of his compiled works non-stop is a pleasant (re)discovery.
Pro: short stories you can relate to, localised characters, wonderfully written in proper English. I love it!
Cons: the feels!!!! Im almost emotionally exhausted. I was reading with blurry vision for the last 4 stories. Each story gives you a different build up and ends with a twist so sharp you have to stop and let it sink.
I just wish the stories were arranged in another way. I wouldnt be crying so much. And marketing stand point, cover and title can be more gender neutral. Not trying to put #faithandthemachine as a gender specific literature but its not that attractive to female readers. Which is a shame because everything else that make the book is attractive as Johnny Depp.

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