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I actually spent 4 hours to update and beautify Serendipity with new blog template and layout today. 4 hours! Should've done a bit of work. A lot actually.
Tengok-tengok it scrolls on its own to the bottom. Pffft. Penat usaha I selama 4 jam. Buat blog cantik pastu tak tulis apa2 tak guna jugak kan. So ni lah satu post selepas jam 12.
If a post is written after 12, highest possibility is for it to be an emo, straight from the heart kinda post.
Someone I know resigned from her job and when I asked, she said its because she doesn't know what she wants. She said if she doesnt leave, she will always be wondering what else can she do out there.
I know where she's coming from. After all this is only my second job. I wonder too. Can I do something else. Will I be a good teacher? Is what I have enough for advancement at another place? Should I (re)consider career change?
Thing is, I like what Im doing. 3 years in, less of the lovin'. I do not have a target when I started but Alhamdulillah Im progressing very well in this company. I only started setting my target after a year of service. I was loving and enjoying everything about the job. Until I realised, I love it too much. I didnt mind staying late to work. I surprised myself.
That was when I decided. Once Im married, I have to leave. I need to find another option. I cannot choose work over family. I must not spend life not living.
InsyaAllah. I hope that day will come. Not because I cant wait to leave. But for me to be hopeful that one day I will find somebody so important, Im willing to sacrifice a huge chunk of my life.
Sekarang ni what I want in life for myself - the company helps me achieve. Job satisfaction, good pay, nice people, opportunity to travel, makan sedap, free karaoke, parti tak liar and career advancement.
Tapi fitrah manusia kan. Somehow the grass is always greener on the other side.

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  1. Hellooooo!

    I tak baca posts yang lain lagi, baru baca yg ni and wanted to comment on how pretty the new layout is! Also, love the picture above, so minimalist.(haha superficial tak comments I?)

    On a more serious note, although you may live a hectic life at the moment, I feel that it is really great that you're able to go through/ experience all the fun/annoying/hectic/sentimental feelings arising from work albeit how tiring it could be at times. I think it suits your character somehow? Anyways, better than being an ahjumma like me - no work no play. :D


    1. Thank you for this hun. I appreciate this. Sometimes grief and problem comes to remind us to be grateful. Alhamdulillah.


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