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I'll be leaving for Penang in July. I'm registering on July 3rd therefore we will arrive earlier. I'm pretty sure Mama wants to sight see. Might visit some people while we're there too. Now that I have exactly a month to go, I'm planning my days.

June - Week 1
I planned to go back to Semenyih but instead Hani and I have few things we need to sort. Which includes her UiTM requirements for a chest xray , buying panties, attending a theater and scouting for some cloth. On Thursday, I have a movie date, Lagenda Budak Setan + mini reunion with some of my ex-schoolmates. Lagipun Ahad ni ada 2 weddings to attend, clashing. Thus, decided to postpone it to next week. In time with the school holidays therefore Monkids will be around!

June - Week 2
Its the school holidays! The Harvard entourage will be back and Ayah Sham is plannning to move it to their new home this week. So I'm gonna split the week with helping out with the move and going back to Semenyih. Can't wait!

June - Week 3 aka The Nana Week
Nana will be back by now. And she have booked me to sleepover house which I will definitely not argue. I'll be spending time with her mostly and maybe slot in time with other bffs, Lya /Ju/ Siblings/Mally G/Andre & Punat/Cwoo. Too bad Emon and Jaja is not around this week. Emon is on Umrah while Jaja is going to be in Jakarta.

June - Week 4 aka The Soulmate Week
I'll be away for favourite girlfriends, my hideout will be in Ampang and its the week Hani will register at UiTM Perak. Im going to miss my partner-in-crime for the past month. Sapa nak drive me around for the week before Penang? Sure Fa nak run errands, beli barang nanti! Ya, cepat dapat lesen please! Kak Nora, schedule kasi clear sikit ye?

June - Week 5 aka The Goodbye Week
Actually, its not even a week. 5 days tops. Im sure we'll go to Penang earlier than 2nd. This week will be for the family and extra special people. So I guess, I'll be back in Shah Alam for another day. And also final shopping spree perhaps? ;)

July - The orientation week that last for 9 days.
Can you believe it? 9 days! Lama tuuuuu. Siap ada hiking. Im eager to star anew. Wish me luck!

* * * * * * * * *

Oh oh! Tadi pergi Aeon AU2 and saw Jusco selling purple pails of many sizes, baskets, dustbins, laundry baskets and I went delirious for a second. Automatically, I made a mental list of purple things I 'must' buy. Hangers, small basket, pails, laundry basket, ngeeeeeeeeeeeeee excited! Dah macam Sutun versi purple.

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  1. Hiking? Ughhh. :S Fa nanti hang duduk hostel eh?

  2. Tu la tu. Sure penat nak mampos. Everyday its 6am to 10pm. Yerp, I dok kat hostel. Tapi ni best sikit lah, 2 or 3 people per room. Not as crowded.


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