I dream of you last night


It was a long dream and I hated it. I tried waking up a few times but I couldn't.

Firstly, why would you come and find me. I don't want anything between us. And Im weirded out that i let you inside the house. Its not even my house! Its Kampung Warisan! Where all the family members gather when they come from Kuantan. You so don't belong. But you were there. Among us. Siap sleepover lagi. And the family doesn't seem to mind it.

Well I do! Eventhough its only a dream. I know that you are a man, who have no blood relation to us. Not bond by marriage. Not a guest of the family. You certainly have nothing to do with them. You only know me. But that is it.

Sheesh! I'm so annoyed. The only part of the dream i can tolerate is that the guy don't look like you. At all. He's a total different person. But the presence is definitely you. The guy got the **s** vibe like you do. And i feel hopeless being around that dude.

I don't hate you and i don't want to. Hate is such a strong feeling that can eat me up inside. It would be better if i don't because they say don't hate a person so much, one day they might be your most important person. Or something like it.

Just don't come in my dreams anymore. Not even as somebody else. The next time around, I might gag when I wake up.

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