13++ things to go when you are in Kuantan


Please be warned that this post will include food at places to get good food.

  1. Breakfast at Hoi Yin. A chinese warung near TC, Teluk Chempedak for non-Kuantaners. The menu is Mi/ Mihun Kari, Sup, Mi Kicap and the likes. For breakfast ye? If you come in the morning, there will not be much seat. If you come at noon they will be nothing to eat. Don't worry. Its halal. I suspect the royal family eat it too since their place is nearby. But maybe they have it at home lah.
  2. Breakfast Nasi Minyak at Tanjung Api. Then to Pasar Tani to buy fresh goods, and apam kaler-kaler and pulut panggang and ketupat palas/ pulut tiga segi and ikan laga. To be eaten when you get home, except the ikan laga.
  3. Lunch choices: Chilis! Or Swan. Again, Chinese food. Tanjung Ria, something like Cozy Corner. We rarely go out for lunch. Why should we? We have Mak Zah who can cook Singgang, Asam Pedas, Ikan Bakar, Sotong Berlada Serai, oi banyaklah!
  4. Then minum petang. Gerai Poksu next to Balai Polis Peramu. Sotong celup tepung (2 ekor pada 1 cucuk), udang celup tepung (4 ekor dicucuk pada lidi), ikan kembung celup tepung (yang ni sekor je lah), sata, otak-otak (bukan yang sponge tu. Its the real deal!), keropok lekor.
  5. ABC or Cendol dekat Midnight. I lupa nama dia. Tapi siang kawasan tu jual cendol and rojak. Malam Midnight restaurant conquer the place.
  6. Lepak at Planet Curry. Planet Curry is located at Kubang Buaya housing area, in the playground to be exact. It is equivalent to NZ of KL.
  7. Try Mi Calong. Its Mee or Mi Hun in clear broth, enchanced with homemade fishball. Tapi taktau kat mana yang sebab dah tak jumpa yang sedap. Jadi, cant recommend where to eat.
  8. Then of course you have to lepak at TC. Makan aiskrim sambil jalan-jalan kat pantai. Later at night boleh datang lagi, kat belakang tu dah bukak sorta Uptown which sell fake Crocs mostly.
  9. Karaoke at Zanax, kompleks Teruntum. Boleh laaa. Baru semalam I try. Courtesy of the owner.
  10. EC Mall. Never cease to amaze. Small town mall with big labels!
  11. Oooo kopitiam! Kemaman, Coffee Street, there's a few.
  12. Ever shopped in Hock Choon? Here we have Pantai Selamat.
  13. And of course, duduk rumah. Makan, tidur, makan, tidur, tak keluar-keluar.

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  1. I miss Swan and makan ikan bakar at Tanjung Lumpur. Tak lupa juga makan murtabak raja...Pasar Tani mmg aktiviti wajib


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