Hype kisah cinta Malaya


I mungkin nampak macam tomboy, kadang-kadang separa 'you guys', prefers to speak English, don't curse (much) in Malay, TETAPI jiwa Melayu I masih kuat.

Contohnya, I love love love novel Melayu. Sekarang ni yang famous alaf 21 and buku prima publication, Bikash Nur Idris, Anis Sofea, Aina Emir, among others. Back in the 90's Ahadiat Akashah was The King! If they have Nicholas Sparks, we have Ahadiat Akashah. Siapa tak kenal dia ni kot? Nama tersohor!

He wrote what the public was going through. It was the 90's, it was simple. But love is always complicated. And Ahadiat managed to put all those in words and made readers relate to the setting. He was great! For someone who remembers reading only 1 of his book (Sepasang Jeans Biru), I think he's great sebab dah dekat 20 tahun, masih ramai lagi yang ingat hasil2 tulisan Ahadiat. Masih ramai yang terkesan dengan cerita2nya. Masih ada yang tertarik untuk membaca. Contohnya, yours truly.

Impak tulisan Ahadiat kuat. I guess that's the whole reason someone cashed in on the best selling Lagenda Budak Setan to be made as a movie. Pelakon best2 pulak tu! Farid Kamil, Lisa Surihani, Que Haidar, Fazura. I think Im calling them the Brat Pack of Malaysia. I've seen the promo trailer. Man I tell you! Menarik perhatian! I was like, ni kat Malaysia ke? Living here, we don't realised that Malaysia is actually beautiful. Good job to filmmakers like Khabir Bhatia and Sharad Sharan who did this movie. They captured the beauty of our country.

I hope the movie will be great. I hope it will not spoil the reader's imagination because I will be 1 of them as soon I get my hands on them books. I hope its satisfying, fulfilling.

Maybe I should skip the reading and just watch the movie. Nanti takut jadi macam The Time Traveller's Wife. I am so in love with the book that I dont watch the movie for fear of unfulfilled expectation.

But I am a reader! Ah screw it! Before or after, I'll decide later. Im definitely reading it!

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  1. babe , i dah bc . library unisel still ade buku nih .

  2. I have lots of collection of Ahadiat Akashah and Lagenda Budak Setan is my fav one. Oh Ayu and Kasyah !!!!


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