Whats with the hormones?


Recently I've been emo like all the time. Simplest things will make me cry. Like the other day before Im going back to Timah, Abah pass a DVD to me. He intentionnaly face the cover downwards. I though it was a DVD passed down from Pak Long's collection. Turns out Abah bough me Edwards Scissorhands DVD which he bought In JB during his recent meminang trip fro Angah. Terharu okay because he remembered it was so hard for me to find that movie. He also remembered I wanted BIG. Sniff sniff.

And earlier that evening I watched the trailer of Time Traveller's Wife which nearly bring me to tears. Things in my head is coming to life! And I was reading he book for god knows kali keberapa entah. So I felt close to the characters lah. In character kononnya. Im Clare and Henry, at the same time.

Then today nangis bersepah because I was exhausted and frustrated. Damn you Bank Islam ATM 2 which was situated at Medan Tuanku yang agak jauh juga dari Sungai Wang. Do you know I come to you specifically to withdraw RM1K for my P90? I already paid deposit tau tak?! I should be able to bring it home dah tadi. But NO! You just had to deduct that amount from my account but didn't give me the money kan? Great! And plus, I have to wait 2weeks to be able to get that money? Perfect! Bring Terminator in NOW!

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  1. owhh..
    tenna tahu abah hang belikan cite tu..

  2. actually i was the one who found the dvd & pass it to abah & told him ( or may be reminded him) that u're looking for it (if u haven't found one already)..i remember reading ( about how much u wanted to get ur hands on the dvd) in one of ur notes kat facebook or probably kat sini kot...

  3. Thank you sooooooooooooooo much tantiey!!!

    It came as a big surprise that abah remembered I want it.

    So tak terkejut sgt rupanya org lain bgtau dia. but the terharu feeling was great while it lasted.
    Now got new terharu feeling!! Sooooooooooo thankful I have ppl who think of me. Sob sob. Love you!


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