Final days as a montessori educator


Okay sumpah title nak POM! Hahahhahaha. Towards these last days Im forcing myself to wake up in the morning. And have the boredom as my company after work. Tipu la jugak, I sleep early everyday.

Except! These past 2 days. On Tuesday after work, went to the uni's hall as the DG01/ Pakchaq's class is presenting their artwork for final year assessment. Damn it was GREAAAAAAATTTT to have them boys back! Dah lama sangat tak kumpul2 semua kepala tak betui tu. Waited for them to finish for the day and then sambung lepak at Sani.

Bliss! Was the only girl but felt right at home. Good food, good company, great time. Sad to think this will be their final time together as students. After this, all of us will be in different parts of the world. Some have decided to travel to Indon. Can't say Im not happy for them. Can't say I am either. Its a mixed feelings.

Bip came home the same night. Kecik too. But only Bip sleepover. Takdelah sunyi sangatkan. Next morning off to work again in drizzling rain, but came home in the afternoon. Ana, Bip and I went to the hall again. They wanted to have a look. I wanted to see them again. Bila masa tu kurang, we take what we can get. Thats what I did.

Petang went to Pasar Malam with Bip, it was a funny trip. It was a literally small pasar malam but we tawaf 4 times and was full by the time we got home because we were eating and walking at the same time. Went back by a Rapid KL bus which tried to snap me while I was getting in the bus. Later found out the bus was heading to UiTM. Bip and I were the last 2 passengers because we got into the wrong bus and none of it was our stop! Cant stop giggling. The bus driver took pity but actually I think he was feeling guilty as he was the one who close the door on me. So he divert from his route and sent us home.

I don't know what's with my luck. Twice this week the bus door snap shut on me. Sakit memang lah kan tapi takkan nak jerit, meraung-raung. Memang malu lah kan. Jadi tahan jelah. 3 weeks back it was my left ring finger. Terkepit at kindie's gate. Yang tu memang sakit sampai nak pengsan. Mana taknya darah memancut-mancut. My finger turned purple. Like Dumbledore's finger. At least ada souvenir from kindie kan? Hehe

My last day will be on the 12th of August. Then its registration time for Semester 6. Unfortunately the results is still not in. Buat apa lah perap lama2? Kalau marinate buat BBQ xpe gak. Oh Milly is having a BBQ this Saturday. I wanna come but Im not sure what are the family's plan. Jadi put on hold dulu ye Weed?

Again, Chaq, Abu, Mimie, Ken, Andre, Punat, Hakim, Boy, Apek, Shamel, Adam, thanks.
Dan juga, thanks pilih Sani. I dont know if its just me. But Im glad you remembered.

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