Cik Timah oi!


On nights like this (rainy, cold, boring, quiet) I will feel almost depress and want something exciting to happen in my life. I want to go out. To a concert (sbb malam ni MTV World Stage), or watch a movie (sbb bail out G.I Joe on Wednesday - batuk teruk), or out shopping (sbb cancel date with Milly on Friday) or camwhoring sorang-sorang dlm bilik purple ku itu (tapi xde camera sebab dah kena curi dan belum beli baru lagi).

I seriously need and still want an Island vacation. That tops my list. That and a passport and Nikon P90 and shopping spree and hijab and finding my white Nike sneakers and buying a new sandal. Among others lah kiranya.

Sometimes I wonder kenapa my friends and i tak create or play big scale games macam Pathology or Saw or Cry Wolf. Less sadistic version lah.

I want to filter male friends. I dont mind making friends, never cared pun perangai dorang cm haram ke cerita merapu ke buat lawak tak kelakar ke. Tak pernah kesah pun. Some of them are worth being friends with because at times I need them, they will be there for me too. Not just one sided. But sometimes..URGH! I know lah its the nature of guys to want only one thing from friendship, girls and more girls. Just because Im rough, I can layan your dirty lame jokes, I listen to your whines, I trash talk the girl you are trashtalking bout too, I hate the same thing as you, I dont mind you making friends with my friends, I dont react angry when you want me to set you up with my girlfriends, doesnt mean Im not hurt by you okay! Tak boleh ke kalau berkawan dengan perempuan tak expect more than being friends je.

On one part Im deeply thankful I got to know you boys as friends first so that I would never develop feelings for people like you. And also Im glad you are comfortable enough being friends with me sampai tahap boleh bodohkan diri buat benda memalukan dan tak malu mintak favour banyak kali walaupun kene reject. Tapi seriously lah wey, Im so tired of being asked "you takde kawan nak kenalkan kat I ke?" or "kau tolong lah adjustkan aku" Banyaklah! Aku ni agensi pencari jodoh ke?

Kalau betul dah kenal, you will know Im protective among friends. Ask around, mana ada I will matchmake orang. Nak lagi between friends. One side will end up being hurt. Sure I'll give you relationship advice but take note that I never had any successful relationship and I am against the idea of courtship. I just don't believe in the dating game. Coz its a game.

I shouldn't be pissed as hell bout this but its just wrecking my nerves! Cuba banyak kali kene dari 10 kawan laki yang sama. Frikkin annoying! Kalau dah 3 kali I said no, what makes you think the 5th time will be yes? Oh I get it! Hani is a girl, she doesn't have a bf. Which means she has a lot of time to help me find the next girl for me to have a fling with. Right, my ass!

Okay house business. Timah will no longer be Timah as of end this year. Our owner sold the house mid August and the new owner wants to move in. We were told to move out by end of the month. Which began my hectic search of a new place for 13 of us to live in. It was a 2 week notice which helps makes my search turn into frantic house hunt!

The on Saturday, owner called to let us know we are allowed to stay for a few months more until November and she'll help extend it to December. We'll take what we can get. But if there's another house for rent on the market with good deal. We'll move out early to lessen the headache and hassle.

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