Double dose


Had the girls from Omega at my place on Friday night. They were the only ones who can make it. Invitation was for all Omegoddess tapi ni je yang dapat. Takpe, we'll have a get together again soon! It was great. Thanks Ate, Ju, Hammy and Farah. Seeing you guys again was the bomb. We hit it off the same like it was 3 years ago. Imagine kalau semua2 ada. Aaaaahhh!

Went to Tanchap/AKAR that night, jumpa ARUS. Kira double reunion lah. The boys are back from practical! Sad thing is most of them are not coming back. Only those who have subjects to repeat are. Aih! 3months korang takda hambar. Apatah lagi pasni korang dah habis. Abu decided not to come back. He's going backpacking. Jealous!!!

Fun and superb! Love the company. And the choice of movie that night! Setem was the shiznit. All-star cast. And Bront Palande made me swoon. His character appear almost like a Johnny Depp's character. Sighhhhh! So sexay!

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