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I think its incredibly stupid to fight over uploaded photos on Facebook, Myspace whatever online social networking there is. I think its ignorant to think only about yourself. I think its downright offensive to ask your friends to delete all your photos with her.

I uploaded pictures of myself with friends to acknowledge the person. To say I like being friends with you. To highlight memories with them. If you dont like it, just remove yourself from the tag. Not a big problem pun kan.

I didn't like it when you post my pics with you on your profile, I didn't pester you to delete my ugly photo in your phone eventhough you showed it to all of our mutual friends. And I absolutely despise it when you include a photo of me with my then boyfriend in your final project WITHOUT my consent. I didn't make it a big deal.

Well now I am. Its okay to ask me to delete a few pictures of you due to acceptable reason. But ALL OF THEM? That's just too much. Seems like you dont want to be acquainted to me.

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