I am currently in Kuantan. Celebrating puasa here with Mama's side of the family. Being surrounded with little kids make me miss these little brats sooo much! Adam, Mike, Sam, Eriq..wawa misses you so so much. Aih! I cant remember the last time I went back to Semenyih and played PS2 or berganas-ganas with them. Rindu laaah! I have to make time to go back to Semenyih one of these days. Missing everyone and everything too much. If any one actually know me, they will know that Semenyih holds the biggest spot in my heart. Now and forever.

The photo above is myself with Adam and Mike, and this one here is with the 3 little monkids. Speaking of kids. We just had another addition. A merdeka baby! Kak Lisha and Abg Ayis are now proud parents of Aryanna Arwen Johanabas! Congratulations!!! Until fa dapat jumpa baby Arwen, you guys have to pass my hugs and kisses. Cant wait to meet her!

Ohh Kak Sha, selamat ganti puasa selama sebulan! Actually kan, you cant celebrate raya because you did not puasa due to confinement. Hehehehehehe!

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