I am using Kecik's laptop, free wireless from god knows who, in Tisa's room, at Zu's house.
And i feel like crap.

Gatal lagi nak sleepover rumah orang. Padan muka!
Im missing rumah Timah, my room, my pillows, Phia sleeping next to me, the content feeling inside that home and everything about the house.
Rindu rindu rindu!
Plus, i left Rizan's sweater there. Nothing for me to hug to sleep. *sob sob*

Tapi malam ni dapat berborak dengan Enor. Let out my feelings, my thoughts, my dilemma. Ask her opinion because she is another Scorpio, and she's the nearest oldest friend i have here. Lagipula, she was in this kind of situation before. She should know better.


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