Yesterday was 16th.
Yesterday was suppose to be the final goodbye before milly fly off.
And it nearly happen, but i didnt make it.
Was in the car with Wanie, Shamil was driving.
Just as we entered the highway to KLIA, Wanie got a call from Nana.
And I got a call from Millie.
They've entered the gate. It was 6, their flight was at 7.
They delayed 30minutes to wait.
But we didnt make it.

And of course, Wanie and I was crying like mad.
She didnt get to send Nana. And I didnt get to see Milly off for the first time.
Bloody depressing, our car was moving towards KLIA but we got nothing to look forward to.

Wanie was bursting dah, bukan crying lagi. Im not the kind yang nangis teruk2 tapi smlm was a record. All the way back from KLIA to Shah Alam, Wanie was still crying. I kind of stopped. Tapi sangat2 senang to start again bila tgk Wanie nangis. Kesian Shamil kene layan drama of 2 crying girls in the car.

Sampai Shah Alam, i went back to the dorm. Taknak balik rumah, nanti emo. So berbuka dgn Ya and Eikha, gelak2 sikit. At 8 balik rumah, mandi. Waaaahh just as predicted memang macam empangan pecah. Mata dah lah sepet, semalam buka pun macam x terbuka. Pukul 9 tertido masa tgh tengok Power Rangers The Movie. My mood was like crap! Asek rasa nak snap je smlm.

Milly, im sorry. I love you, i miss you and you mean a lot to me. Take care of yourself kat sana. Im always here for you. Rajin2 email i! We MUST update each other often. You have fun there, enjoy. Tapi no yeah please. I smack your butt nanti. Love you weed, see you soon.

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  1. nanti boleh jumpe balik,tapi lagi sedih kalau pegi jauh jauh takde orang hantar..isk isk isk

  2. mengundang gilaaa!!!
    nak suruh i nanges lagi?
    geget karang!


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