Cuti sebulan. Tepu aih!


Semester break! Again.
For a whole one month.
Adoyay!! Nak buat ape je?
Duit xde, nk cuti2 jalan2 memang out of the question.
Nak kerja, who would hire a part-timer for 3weeks?

Semester 2, a nasty one.
7weeks of weird study regime.
Up till the final day, im not sure what i've learned and hell yea! Assignments are only done on my the day we need to hand it in. Gila hebat last minute!
Entah lah cemana exam haritu. Didnt study at all until 3hours before the paper.
But im the first one to get out from the study hall.

My rented house aka Ferum (taken by the street name) was broken into twice. the second time being on the night of Tanchap which was friday, at 4.40am. Bloody asshole stole my handphone from my room while i was sleeping. The phone was next to me.
Imagine, he came into my room and stole a laptop and 2phones. What if he came in to do something else? Something worse?
Partly our fault because we didnt lock our door before we sleep. We had a late night, went back at 3 after Tanchap, study a bit till 4 and was dead exhausted because the 3 of us, Phia, Sara and I all went to Tanchap/ Pqa went out too to watch her bf play badminton. Jadi, kami memang tido mati.

So now, everyone from Ferum decided to move out. Insya allah we are moving to the houses in front of Unisel. Next to Yana's house. Haish...will be missing the old house. Corner lot, big, comfortable, but sadly not safe. I'll be missing the badminton tournament we had daily till 3am.
And having Mimie or Andre over at our place to keep watch. They were the best. For the whole week after the first break-in either Mimie or Andre will come to our place, lepak outside buat assignment sampai pagi. Sayang on the last night neither was there. Kalau x, memang takde pape jadi lah.

Takpelah...benda nak jadi. The burglar must have been keeping eye on our house. Yer lah, rumah student perempuan, kat tepi mainroad pulak tu. Vulnerable. At least we are all safe. And we're preety sure who the guy is.

Haish, Mimie, Andre, Ken, Chong, Arie, Cwoo, Ajis, we really thank you. The whole of Resak, Kekwa, Kristal thanks so much for being there for us.

Oh yeah, lupa. This sem suddenly ter-agak rapat with most of Pakchaq's classmates. Kelakar pulak. Yer lah sebab Sara is now with Mimie. And Shara quite close to Apek/Fazs. Im already close to Ken yg memperkenalkan Andre, jadi the whole house is close to Andre also. Hmmmm!
It all started with the housewarming barbeque.

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