Cuci botol!


Rasanya ramai lagi yang taktau but this is the bottles im surrounded in daily for the next 2weeks. Im helping put at my uncle's store to get money since im dead broke. Adoih! Most of the time there's nothing to do thus you can see me online since noon til night. Other times, i help out by washing the bottles and refilling them. Xde buat apa sangat. Working hours is from 12.30 to 9.30pm. And on Fridays it opens after Friday prayers, closed on Mondays, and opened early on weekends. Camtulah.

First day was last Sunday, but i curik tulang sebentar. Pergi Fish Spa next door. Heheh it was fun! Tingly and ticklish. And afterwards, reflexology which hurt as hell. The masseuse told me i have ovary problems which explain my irregular menstrual cycle, and imbalanced hormones which explain the zits, i also seem to have a bowel problem. Padahal senang je berak. Lepas makan sure berak. And the best thing is, dia suruh diet! Adoyay! Yerlaaaaa... Nasib baik nak dekat puasa dah.

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