Something Stupid


Why do you care so much when he doesn't even make an effort?
Why do you know so much about him when he barely notice you?
Why do you try to get to know him when you know he is ignorant?
Why are you not turn off when he develops unacceptable behaviour?
Why do you smile everytime you see things that remind you of him when nothing remind him of you?
Why don't you get jealous when he talk about other girls?
Why does it feel like nothing he does is wrong?
Why did you try to move on when you know you can't?
Why can't you just be friends?
Why do you have to develop feelings for him?
Why do you wait?
Why do you hold on when you know its never going to happen?

How long do you wait?
How do you notice when its over?
How do you move on?
How do you withdraw?
How do you stay friends?

You Dont.

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