Siapa hotstuff skarang?


Yes! The girl who managed to achieve a very tak senonoh result in SPM which consists all grades (yerp..A! to D7. I got it all) have proved that she's not stoopid after all.

Faster congratulate me, i got 4As and 1B and a CGPA pointer of 3.8. Yeay-ah!!
Ironically, my B was for Computer and Information Processing. Sia-sia menghadap computer tiap2 hari. Memang sah tak process information if what i do is chat in the lab during classes. Oh yea, i blog too!
Next sem lah pula, aim for 4 flat.

Oh btw, ini message khas untuk kamu, i beat u man! Nak bongkak sikit, kutuk aku lg kat lecturers!

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