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Eversince i started liking guys (since im 15) there have been 7 of them that i had a crush on. And from tat list, there's 3 who really are worth mentioning. And all of them had a song to remind me of them. Kira cam background music hihihihi...

  • At 15, the Tahfiz turns DJ who loves to sing I Dont Wanna Know by Mario Winans.
  • At 16, a nu-jazz singer from a reality show but turns out he's a pervert. The song was Bukan Diriku by Samsons. Significant because it wasnt me in his loooooooong list of admirers.
  • Still at 16, a one day crush. He introduced me to Izinkan by VE. And i was a big fan of VE during that time.
  • At 17, a family friend. Spend time with him during family vacation. Talk a lot, shared a lot. Didn't see him a lot afterwards. And so, Officially Missing You by Tamia.
  • At 18, just got in the uni. The first guy i got close to but he's taken. Therefore Sayang Sayang by Alif Aziz. And by the way, i really do like that song in the first place.
  • In between the guy before and the last guy. This one, i met at a gig and we clicked! Skeptical about liking him because i was thoroughly confused. I want to like him but i like the other guy too. His song is Kau by ELLO. He sang it to me loads! We even sang in his car on the way home.
  • And him, the one who tops the list. Who i can't let go. Who i cant stop liking despite his gila-ness. Who got more than 1 song in his favour. Who im reminded of everytime i listen to All Apologies by Nirvana, and of course...everyday.

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