Chapter 4


Give me some time. I have made my decision. And this time im going to go through with it. Execute the plan. With help from friends. I am withdrawing my feelings from him, for real but still continue being friends. I like hanging out with him, being friends with him. So why should I stop doing what i enjoy just so i can move on from my feelings? Its a crush. A phase that everyone goes through. And i have always known its never going to happen between me and him. Hey, u cant force who u accidentally like. And i cant force to stop someone i like too. But now, im certain i can move on. I should and i must. For myself.

Knowing the whole story helps too. An eye-opener. A girl liked him when he doesnt and after all those years he started liking her. Maybe longer. I wouldnt mind if its going to be her. She's cute, she's fun and i would definitely go for her too if im a guy. She 'discovered' him first. And yes, they would be great together.

I've got my closure. I can move on.

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