As of 20th November 2007, Im finally 18! Woooohoooo!!!
Nothing out of the ordinary tho.
And not celebrating until i have my VIPs and my usuals here with me.
Everyone merata-rata. Back in colleges, away from KL, assignments, classes, exams.
And abroad. The ones i need most are not even in Malaysia. Sedih la likedat!

I had my 18th birthday back at Sweet Semenyih. Nothing special, a normal day. But not boring, at all! Had the monkids as my slave today, everyday actually...heh!
Toto, and Neni weren't home. They went to PD to settle some things, Abi followed, Angah was always. Tenna, Umi, and Abg P'John was at work. Same like everyday nothing special. Sounds sad. Rasa pathetic la pulak...
Wait seminit! Im 18, im legal! Who cares!

Tok Lat is the sweetest person.
First she said, "nanti hari jadi hujung bulan ye. xdak duit lagi. baju seluar sepasang...."
I was tak payah! Segan ok.
And we leave it to that. Tengok-tengok she wanted to masak pulut kuning and daging for me! Waaahhhh so sweet! heh!
And neni, she woke me up kissing my cheeks and wished me that morning. Thats the sweetest gesture ever!

Sweet sweet friends, thanks for my birthday wishes kay? It made my day! Comel la korang...macam2 ada!

Bestfriends, away from Malaysia ade...going away from Malaysia ade.
Sedih la likedat!
Lets see..Millie kat UK, Nana kat UK, Liea kat UIA, and Rauf! Hes going to Cambodia!!! How to celebrate? Sigh!
Malaslaaa...xyah celebrate. Postpone!

Baliklaaaaa korang!

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