Happy post happy post!


Ok chup, firstly mmg nk write a happy post, but then i have to argue with my mum because she wants to hijack the PC. Yes, hijack!
Dear god, my mum is an online game addict! She will stare at the PC playing games like there's no tomorrow. Whatever i do to get the PC back, i wont get it. She just would not bulge! Haih!

Anyhow, i bought a miniskirt. Aha! Surprise surprise!
Miss I'm-not-at-all-girly-and-i-don't-wear skirts bought a MINISKIRT!
Hah! Wait till Millie comes back from UK and find out bout it.

Trust me, I'm having the shock of my life too. Just 2 weeks ago, i bought a black bareback dress. Bareback? Ya had the laugh of her life. And i, I'm confused.
Im not exactly sure whats happening to me. I think I'm not safe with money or shopping alone. Because somehow, I'll end up finding cheap things and buying it. Or trying on a type of clothing I've never worn before, liking it, and paying for it. Haih! How how?
Susah la likedat!

Oh oh! i was at Semenyih right, until yesterday that is. So last last night Syaniz and i were browsing YouTube. We were looking for the song title of Chrisye's song. Very fun and cheeky song. After clicking a few tabs, watching to the videos i got a lil bit teary-eyed. Ye laaaaa, Chrisye was a damn good singer blessed with great voice and wonderful songs. And he died sometime last year, sedih la! And plus he have this cute grandpa look ok. Then we managed to get the right clip, which was Burkat by Chrisye feat Project Pop.

Aha! Project Pop! They're the shizwit! Comedic vocal group. I love love love their songs and clips. So fun and cheeky. Catchy lyrics. Go check it out. I particularly like Jangan Ganggu. And in it, one of them dressed up as a pondan. Haha! He reminds me a LOT of Kak Lisha's brother. Im not sure which. Either fali or faidz. One of them, who pose as a drag himself at her mum's family day. Damn funny! Gi tengok!
i'll post up the vids when i know how. Soon.

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