Front seat passenger


There's just something about sitting next to the driver i a car. God knows what but it seems like, whoever seat next to the driver will have a lil bit of power. Maybe even more than the driver himself. Lets say, the driver's mother is sitting there. Surely the driver MUST follow her instructions. Or if your chosen by the driver to seat next to him, it either means the driver really likes u or u need to show him the road. Either way, u will feel smug. Come on! You have power in your hands! My cousins and i have constantly fought over the front seating. And the one who wins will have the bragging rights. I dont even know why i bother to fight for it. My sense of directions sucks!

Front seat, sitting there with my dad makes me feel equivalent to him. Feels like i can talk to him about anything. Feels like I'm sharing secrets with him.
Front seat, sitting there with my uncle feels like I'm hitching a ride. Feels like I'm intruding his space. Feels like I'm a pest.
Front seat, sitting there with my aunt makes me feel I'm her friend. Feels like we're on a girls day out. Feels like I'm her confidante.
And of course, front seat next to a guy you're on a date with? It feels great! It just does.

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