As promised


Went to flyniversary at OU last night.
Sumpah orang ramai macam ape je! Free concert, Hujan and Meet Uncle Hussain, Hello?
And so, i didn't join the crowd. Jalan-jalan sekejap pun dah tersangat panas! Apatah lagi kalau join crowd moshing2 sume. Jadi, org yg terer cari spot ini telah mandapatkan bird's eye view dari balcony! Muahahaha. Still panas tho.
Dan, yes..sangat tidak best bile tengok crowd kat bawah lompat-lompat dan nyanyi2 bersama performers. Seriously, i wouldnt mind doing it from the balcony TETAPI others yg watch it kat situ are not sporting enough, and i dont have my crew la kan. Malu je nanti.

I cant exactly summarize the show because i only watch 2 or 3 performance. Heh! Suke hati laaa, memang i came just to watch Meet Uncle Hussain and Hujan. Which at one point i say it wrong to Payan and Ya burst out laughing. Jahat ok! Meet Uncle Hujan and Hussain, hahahahahahaha! Name dekat2 sangat. They were great! Lagi-lagi fans ramai, singing to their songs. Best!

And aha! get this, MY lovely lovely friends namely ash and rauf who promised to come today, didnt show up! Elok lah tu. I cant never get things done with these 2 boys. Janji-janji, lepas tu they either come late or didn't show up. Susah la likedat!
And yet, people say girls break promises or always slow things. Pffft! That aint happening in my case. Im so baik, and almost always early ok. Cute also!

Oh yeah! Last night, we left at about 10.30 but the traffic jam dah start, even in the parking lot. Everyone keluar serentak after the event. Well, we (Ya, Kak Su and myself) cant do anything except wait in line and CAMWHORE! We also planned to check the car next to ours. Alah, biasala kalau traffic jam, check out kereta sebelah. If the drivers are Chinese, sure tengah dig their nose. Ngeh! But no. That was not what happened last night. The car next to ours was checking us up! 3guys, all not at all good looking. Hah! Ya and Kak Su already noticed them, but im short-sighted, so a bit slow la to catch up. Jadi terpaksa stare-stare kejap. So unprofessional ok! Dahla tu, their car was almost always next to ours. Siap roll down window, asking phone numbers. Tidaaaaak! Especially my aunt kan, like hello? Shes married. To my handsome uncle lagi.
Hmmm, there was another car doing the same thing jugak. But not extremely tak malu like the one before. Haih, men. Macam tu bolehlaaa, but got no guts to actually ask for numbers. Kalau hot takpe jugak!

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