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I don't remember what i want to write. Had a lot planned in my head but the moment i clicked 'new post' everything went astray.
The past 2 weeks have been miserable! Millie went to UK and left me alone. I don't have friends in KL anymore!! Even if i do, nobody ever tells me if they're back here. I had a phone call by Jaja once last week, i Buzzed her but no reply came. So finally this week, i got my reply. She was admitted in the hospital, AGAIN! 2weeks before, she went into a surgery for her cease? and this time, her intestines (that's usus right?) was swollen. She didn't want to have another surgery, so they gave her pills and she had to stay in the hospital for monitoring. And she called me to accompany her in the hospital. A week alone? And only one call? Susahla likedat! Sooo sorry i didn't get to teman her. I didn't know! Sorry for myself coz i was bored doing nothing, and sorry for herself. She was lonely! Ja, you worry me! Stop getting sick! And stop telling me when everything is over! Hish!

Yesterday, middle of the night..i was nudged. Guess who? Millie!!!!! She's back! Rindu! Kangen! Shes having fever, cried on the plane because she's uncomfortable and claustrophobic. I was having fever too by the way, thanks to Whitney Houston for making me wait for her urgh ugly, disastrous performance. Hey, im no hater of hers. I was a fan, Was. She looked as if she was high on crack (as if? haa!) and unprepared and urghh, bloated! Aren't divas suppose to look good? Sigh..has-been. Even her shy, (the one who really was) unprepared daughter sang better than she did. And hello! Eventhough the Malaysian artists sang songs the crowd doesn't know, not even in the Pop genre, they were a hell lot better! And yes, thanks to the fever i did not go for The Otherside Orchestra album launch on Sunday. Been wanting to go and searching for people to go with since the week before.

And today, whadya know? I had food poisoning! Cant stay away from the toilet. Punah harapan nak keluar ke Mid Valley bersama 2 orang sepupu. Ciss. And while i was in the toilet, i had a text message from ilya (yes, i brought my phone in..takes a long time ok!). Her grandma just passed. Condolence ilya, i know u and your family was tested earlier this year. Be strong..ill pray for u. And then, i remembered my hard times when my grandma was still alive. And i remembered 1 particular person who was there for me the most. He wasn't a close friend or a family member. Just acquaintance, but he was there. So i clicked on his blog (which is still alive because the last time i checked, he deleted all his posts) and just found out that his dad is sick. Ill pray for him too, Mike.

And's schedule: online, bloghopping, myspacing, facebooking, chatting. I have no life.

PS: Chat for quiet a long time with a certain someone from a band, make that 2 uprising favourite band. And ahem!! I got upcoming not yet released songs! Woohooo!!! Syok la ni kan.

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