First day pun dah memorable?


HELLO 2012! Nice to see you.

I had a week of holiday (referred as study week in the academic calendar) which I fully utilise - not studying.  During the week, 2 cousins and 2 friends got married. So it was a week full of kenduri. And also one kenduri doa selamat for Abang Ben and Kak Hazy's new place.

As stated on previous post, everyday in 2011 was memorable albeit I can't recall what happened first half of the year. For this year, the first day have got to be the most memorable...yet!

My New Year's Eve was spent surrounded by ze boys and a few of us girls at Shanaz's house. We had an in-house BBQ party. Played charades, and when the clock strike 12... only Eikha semangat enough to shout Happy New Year! Everyone else was like yeaaa ok. And buntut pun malas bergerak from our seats to watch the fireworks. Not that we can see it that much pun, it was blocked by a big tree outside the house.

There were many people, but not many pictures. Mainly because we couldn't be bothered to pegang camera or pose for shots. So ni jelah yang ada.

Too much laughters! And next day, semua hyper berdiskusi on twitter pulak. Aih. Crack!

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