Best memory of 2011


Is everyday. Even the hardest of days. Because it made the next day or the day before seems better in comparison. I actually don't remember much of 2011. It is as if it zoomed in and out like The Flash. Everything that happened have been great.

4 cousins and an uncle got married this year. Few friends had babies. One of my best friend got hitched. Then there's also graduations and great results for friends, cousins, nieces and nephews who took big exams.

I've been happy. Friends doubled no, tripled. Some of the old ones left, some stayed on and became almost family. All of them became the reason I can't wait to be back in KL. They're my home. And because I still havent found the one Ill miss more than the people in KL. But really, u cant miss anyone or anywhere more than home.

2011. The year I spent least time in Semenyih. That gotta change next year. It must. What else must change? Me. For the better. Ive been struggling to make myself a better Muslim. I have to do that in order to become a better person. I see that slowly changing in me. Because this year, Ive been told off for being too positive and too forgiving. Am I not a realist anymore but now an optimist? I cant tell it myself.

This year, my thank you list extended. I have a really big family, so its quite tough to list down everyone. Im just grateful to be born in this family thats so full of love and care for each other.

As for my friends, thank you for being reliable, my BFFs: Milly, Nana, Liea, Emon, Jaja, Ema.

To the gangs I occasionally join, thank you for having me Usuals, BBPs, Timah, KIKI, AUSM, ze boys.

Thank you for the car rides and night outs Enor, Arip, Shanaz, Shah, Nabil, and the rest.

Penang people! Thank you for fun times and the friendship and all the help you are willing to give Ain, Kimi, Lii Jing, Syafiq, Reza, Fly, Ciara, Muncheekins, Ben, YuHeng, Eugene, Cassie, (macamlah korang baca).

And finally, thank you for your existence! Having you as my main interest and escapism have helped me go through a lot. Kamsahamnida Running Man! Taecyeon, Chansung, Wooyoung, Nickhun, Junsu, Junho. Saranghae 2PM!

(You dont expect that in my Thank You list dont you? How can I not thank them?!)

2011, that you for all the great times! I almost cant remember any bad moments. I really must have turned into an optimist. Ish ishh...

Have a great new year everyone! See you tomorrow 2012!

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